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Kaz Johnson Show

Kaz Johnson is a business coach and mentor, she blog's at Kaz and coach's and mentors in the Online Business Academy.

You can join the academy, for free, as a Lite member, and get access to some of the challenges she runs to help you to plan, build and grow your online business.

Nov 15, 2021

I'm sure you're like me, stuck in a rut of working for other people's businesses. You might be an entrepreneur trying to grow your own online presence without much success so far - it can seem impossible!

But there are ways out of this slump and some strategies work better than others depending on what stage you find yourself at with marketing as well as any legal requirements involved (you'll have access only when applicable).

We will discuss 10 different options below including one tool I've found invaluable myself that saves hours each week by handling all aspects automatically while still keeping clients happy because they know their money is safe.

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