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The Success Club Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 112 and today I am talking about how to promote your lead magnet on social media

In the previous couple of posts, I have talked about lead magnets, now it’s time to start promoting them.

So, here are some steps to take to make sure it gets found…

The first you can do is to create a landing page, we need to start with the end in mind, so start here. A landing page is where a person "lands" on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. Once they’re on your landing page, users are encouraged to take an action, such as joining your list

Every time you write a blog post, put a call to action at the bottom of your blog post. This call to action would be to opt into your mailing list.

Share it on Social Media with links to your landing page and make sure you set up an evergreen campaign so that it gets shared out on social media on a regular basis