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Kaz Johnson Show

Kaz Johnson is a business coach and mentor, she blog's at Kaz and coach's and mentors in the Online Business Academy.

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Nov 18, 2021

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have to pay rent on the storefront, hire employees, and maintain a building from which to operate from.

This week I am talking about How do I do online business work?

For online-only organizations all they have to do is find a way to connect with customers and turn them into customers by collecting their contact information and billing details for future orders.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have to set up an inventory system that allows them to keep track of their available products without going out of business or running out in close proximity deals in time in order to stay in business, but in the case of an online store these are much simpler types of operations because you only need to know how much stock you have and your customers want.